Two Months

My head tells me that Teddy was just born yesterday but my eyes are telling me something completely different. It’s so hard to believe how fast he is growing!

Teddy is two months old today but doesn’t go to the pediatrician until next week so I don’t have any fun growth stats for you yet (I’ll update when I do). I haven’t even gone for my postpartum follow-up appointment yet. The doctor who delivered Teddy is probably the busiest OB at the practice so it was hard to reschedule my appointment and I will, no doubt, have to wait quite a while to be seen. I’m feeling pretty good except for the complete lack of weight loss but that’s another post entirely.

Teddy started out longer than Ben so it shouldn’t surprise me that he is wearing 3 month clothes earlier but I’m still sad about it. My tiny baby is a beast! He’s wearing all 3 month clothes except for pants. He’s pretty slim still, even though he has very kissable rolls and dimples, so pants slide right off. We’re using size one disposable diapers at night and have already packed away all the small prefold diapers in favor of the 5 fitted diapers + covers and 7 BumGenius all-in-one diapers in the stash. I’m still wrapping my head around how I want to split the stash of BumGenius pocket diapers between the two boys but that will happen soon since Teddy is well within the size range.

Teddy consistently wakes up to eat only once during the night, usually between 5 and 7, depending on when we go to bed. He eats, burps, and goes back to sleep with little fuss or effort on my part. We haven’t used a shield for a few weeks (YAY!) so those are packed away now. We’re starting to loosely implement a 7:30 bedtime to get him used to having set sleep hours but success is hit and miss at this point. I feed him and B changes his diaper, puts on PJs, and swaddles him and we put him down in his Rock n Play (highly recommended, especially for a second kid).

Teddy is a smiler. He loves to smile; smiling is his favorite. He has a hard time not smiling so he can eat or keep his pacifier in his mouth. He smiles at all three of us but it’s especially heart-melting to see him smile at Ben. Ben loves to help Teddy play in the gym (Teddy is not as big of a fan, however), throw clothes down the clothes shoot, bring Teddy pacifiers, toys, books, or other things Teddy doesn’t play with yet. I’m looking forward to how things change as Teddy grows up and becomes more of a playmate than a novelty. Ben is really a fantastic big brother and a great helper most days. His molars are taking their sweet time coming in so some days are horrible (looking at you, yesterday, with your 20 minute nap) but the times that Ben throws his arms around my neck and asks for kisses and hugs that make up for the rough stuff.

That’s all I can think of for now. Any questions?

Teddy weighed in at 11 lbs 14.5 oz (half pound heavier than Ben at 2 months but Teddy was weighed at 2 months and 9 days) which is 28th %. He was 23 inches long (33rd%) and his head, similar to Ben’s, was 16 inches (82nd%). My babies have big heads! He didn’t react too well to the vaccines and was whiney, clingy, and feverish for the rest of the day. He slept well at night, however, and the fever was gone the next morning.


TV watching buddy and lap warmer


Lion child


Teddy’s new quilt (and Ben testing it out) from B’s aunt


Video games with Daddy




Tummy time


You mean that these sweet toys are for BABIES?!


The family red sweatsuit


❤ Love them!



40 weeks


All I have to say about 40 weeks is ugh.

Just kidding, I have lots to say.

I honestly never thought that I’d make it to this point. Ben came earlier than this, I’m an efficient laborer. It couldn’t happen to me. Oh yes it can. Second babies are here to show us we know nothing. I am frustrated out of my mind that simple daily living is so dang hard. Washing dishes hurts, taking a shower leaves me winded. Forget about chasing a toddler!

I’m less miserable that I could be, I suppose, but I am very much over being pregnant. The end goal wasn’t the pregnancy but the baby that should be here soon and I want soon to be now. He is definitely carrying really low and makes it hard to sleep through the night. A good night is two bathroom trips, a bad night is waking up with Ben, B snoring, 3+ bathroom stops, and not being able to fall back asleep because I’m so uncomfortable.

I go to my 40 week OB appointment this afternoon at 3. If you all could be praying for that meeting, we’d appreciate it a ton. Ideally, I would naturally go into labor before my appointment or a third membrane sweep will trigger labor and we won’t have to plan any sort of intervention beyond that. I’d be happy with a sympathetic doctor who will listen and help make a plan within the next few days for me to be induced. In my mind, worst case scenario is being told they won’t do anything until after 41 or 42 weeks. I literally don’t think I’d be able to walk by then! I’m afraid of the pain of the sweep and that it will be wasted (I’d rather have labor contractions!). I’m afraid of being told that I haven’t progressed at all since the 3-4 cm I was at 38 weeks. I’m afraid of being induced. I’m afraid of something being wrong with Baby 3 and that’s why he hasn’t arrived yet. There’s nothing I can do until the appointment but pray so that’s what I’ll be doing today.

I had yet another cervical check and the OB said I am 5cm (ish) and 70% effaced. This is enough progress that she didn’t believe that another membrane sweep would do anything but not enough progress where she was willing to break my water today. She didn’t want to schedule any sort of medical intervention until after 41 weeks but was willing to see me again in 3 days and just maybe I’ll have made enough progress to break my water and let me labor from that point. I’m frustrated with this child’s resistance to being born and how hard everything is right now. I’m trying not to think about how much this week is going to suck.


25 weeks


New Baby is the size of a rutabaga and weighs close to 1.5 lbs at this point. He also seems to have a lot of feet and elbow because I sure am getting poked a ton!

I woke up on my back one morning this week and my left arm and leg were numb. I guess I have to make an effort to sleep on my side from now on (boo!). I was wondering when that point would arrive and now I am tempted to pull my body pillow out of retirement. I also switched out my wedding and engagement rings for a cheap, plain stainless steel band that’s the next size up. I have tiny hands and any fluctuations in weight make it difficult to get my rings off. I’d rather wear something else for a few months than ruin my rings by cutting them off my hand!


Dressed up for our LAST WEDDING OF THE SPRING on Saturday

I had an OB appointment earlier this afternoon. I’ve gained 12 lbs in the last month! I knew it would be a bunch but 12 surprised me. I have my glucose test in 3 weeks and will definitely make some drastic changes if it comes back positive but until then, I’m going to try my hardest to keep myself from taking seconds of everything! New Baby was wiggly and gave the new staff nurse a hard time when she was trying to find his heartbeat. Every time she got close, he’d kick the wand and wiggle away. He’s taking after his older brother already!

Every week I look back to what I wrote when I hit each weekly milestone with Ben and laugh a little. At 25 weeks last time, we had gotten his room painted and furnished. At 25 weeks this time, we have yet to move into a new house that needs a substantial amount of (cosmetic) work, Ben needs to be moved into a twin bed, we need to finish repairs and cleaning in our current house so it’s ready for renters, and I’m not at all concerned! I’ll pull out my stash of newborn diapers and clothes at some point and we’ll put the cosleeper together when I’m ready. I’m fully convinced (today) that it’s going to be juuuuuust fine.


Mid-16 Week Update

I had an OB appointment this morning and was very, very anxious about it. Only one appointment that went as bad as it possibly could go is enough to cause ample anxiety for any subsequent pregnancies.

I had a very strong feeling this morning that the OB I was scheduled to see would be called out for a delivery during my appointment. Sure enough, when I checked in with the front desk they informed me the OB was at the hospital for an emergency c-section almost two hours prior but was expected back any minute. Not nearly as bad as I anticipated! I also heard one of the other doctors in the back room so if something were to go wrong, there was someone in the office to take care of problems.

The biggest concern I had was hearing the baby’s heartbeat. We’ve been praying for weeks for a very uneventful, very boring, and routine appointment with no surprises. My favorite nurse, who has been there for me for the last several appointments, even the worst one, came in to check the heartbeat with the doppler. Almost immediately after she put the wand on my belly, we heard the baby for a brief second before he/she scooted away. It took a bit more time but she was able to get a long enough reading to calculate the BPM (160!) and get a reactive kick from the baby!

Beyond that, the appointment was anti-climactic. I got a handout from the doctor of different stretches to help my back pain. We scheduled the anatomy scan for the morning of May 6, only three weeks from now! It’s going to be even harder to wait now that it is scheduled!


16 weeks


Baby 3 has reached the size of an avocado this week and we’re preparing for a large growth spurt between now and 20 weeks. He/she should almost double in size in the next 4 weeks.

I am still dealing with almost nonstop headaches. I don’t remember getting so many with Ben so I wonder what is different this time. It’s taking all of my ability to keep functioning and even attempt to keep up with housework. I have had more instances of round ligament pain too but I’ve heard that becomes more common after the first pregnancy. I am getting rounder and have definitely popped out!

I stopped taking my nausea meds and have been doing ok since. I’m not feeling 100% yet but it isn’t so bad that I need to take anything. It took a few days for my body to figure out how to fall asleep without Unisom’s help and I’ve been sleeping rather fitfully since but,from what I can remember from two years ago, that’s pretty common at this point.

I go back to the OB tomorrow morning. I am terrified that something will have gone wrong and I didn’t notice again. We’re praying for a very routine and boring checkup with no surprises of any kind. I’m hoping to schedule the anatomy scan while I am there. At the most, we’re only about a month away from finding out the sex of the baby!


11 weeks (Updated)


Huzzah! 11 weeks! I go back to the OB for another appointment on Wednesday but we’re assuming everything is ok because nothing has changed.

Baby 3 is the size of a green olive or fig or brussel sprout. None of the apps agree how big really. He/she is fully formed and wiggling and growing as fast as he/she can.

I think I’m starting to feel a wee bit better but I always think that while my meds are still working, never after they’ve worn off. I haven’t thrown up in days but I don’t know if that’s actual improvement or being able to manage better. I’m curious to see what my energy level will be now that I’m home again and don’t have to be on my feet all day. We are thrilled to be home and for things to get back to normal. For one thing, Ben is still sleeping as I write this at almost 8:10 AM and last week he had been awake by 6 almost every day. That boy loves his bed and we love him not being able to see us immediately when he wakes up!

I really don’t have much of an update today but maybe there’ll be something else to add after my appointment in a few days.

I had my 11 week appointment this morning. I wasn’t too nervous but started panicking a bit again when the nurse couldn’t find a heartbeat with the doppler! She had me strip down to no clothes, found the ultrasound machine, and called the doctor in. So, instead of the worry and stress free appointment I was expecting, I got ANOTHER cervical check (just fine), ANOTHER uterus check (bigger, right density, where it should be), and ANOTHER tv ultrasound. Before the OB even had time to turn the monitor around, I heard, “There’s the baby!” Insert sigh of relief!
Apparently, this baby is as much of a mover and a shaker as Ben was so he/she wouldn’t stay turned in the right position to get a doppler reading. Heart rate was 162, the baby measured at 11+3 (I’m 11+2), due date stays the same, and I get to stop taking Progesterone whenever I feel like it (or the end of week 12). The appointment wasn’t what I expected but the outcome was what I desired. Only 10 more days until the end of the first trimester!


It’s Good!

I had the ultrasound appointment this morning and was out of my mind with worry by the time the doctor came in but oh-so-thankful we worked it out that B could come too. I had only seen this particular OB once (my office has 5 physicians who rotate throughout a pregnancy) way back in the middle of my pregnancy with Ben. Surprisingly, he remembered me and my distinctive red hair. He asked for the background story so I was able to tell an abridged version of my journey with infertility and loss (requiring Provera and Clomid, loss pre-Ben, loss & D&C in November, taking progesterone, last cycle dates, my struggles so far this trimester, etc).

He checked the location and tilt of my uterus (ouch! but good position and not tilted at all), the overall look of my cervix (ouch! but closed with no sign of bleeding), and performed the very much desired tv ultrasound. Guys, it is not at all surprising to say I cried when that little blueberry-sized baby popped up on the screen, complete with tiny flickering heartbeat!

There wasn’t any lingering sign or cause of bleeding so we’re blaming the random spotting on the Prometrium (progesterone) pills. It is a pretty common side effect and since the bleeding starts and stops only a few hours after I have taken the pill at night, it is very likely thats the cause. I’m scheduled to visit the OB again at 11 weeks, right after we come back from our family vacation/college student Spring Break missions trip. At that point, I’ll only be a week or two away from being able to stop taking progesterone!

Baby 3 measured 7 weeks 2 days instead of 7+3 like I know him/her to be but the OB agreed that, of all his patients, those who have taken Clomid or other fertility drugs have a better grasp of their cycle dates than a computer, so the official due date is based on my calculations of my last cycle in December. It’s officially September 29, 2014. My mom laughed when I told her since my younger brother’s due date was on my birthday for the majority of her pregnancy. He ended up arriving 3 days after my birthday so I have much experience with siblings who have close birthday celebrations.

We’re hoping to craft a fun announcement photo when we are at Disney World in a few weeks! We probably won’t share it on Facebook but instead email it directly to our extended family members (or allow our mothers to share the news that they are bursting over).

All I can say at this point is Praise God!