17 weeks


Baby 3 is the size of a turnip and working on solidifying his/her bones. Other than really rapid growth over the next few weeks, there isn’t much that has changed.

I haven’t gone back to taking my nausea meds so I think that morning sickness is gone for now. I fully expect it to be awful again during the third trimester but I’ve learned to cope. I don’t think this baby is as much of a mover and shaker as Ben was because I’m not feeling movement nearly as often. Of course, this is freaking me out, but I keep reminding myself that I’m only 17 weeks and there is a long time to go before I start getting the ninja kicks that I remember so well from Ben. I feel it best when laying down in the evening but have occasionally felt pokes when just sitting on the couch.

I’ve been feeling a little “off” for the last few days and can’t really pinpoint what the cause is. It might be subtle Braxton Hicks contractions, which can start during the second trimester, but it might not. The best way I can describe it is “general abdominal discomfort,” which isn’t very explanatory at all. It might also be internal stretching from the baby growing so quickly so I don’t know if I should be concerned or not. If I can’t shake the feeling, I might pop over to the OB’s office for a quick doppler check.

B is going on a week long work trip starting tomorrow evening. I’m not sure I will be able to survive! Ben has been a grouch for the last week so I am dreading being alone for 6 days. We asked our mother’s helper to come twice next week instead of once so I have backup on Wednesday and Friday mornings. We may invade my parents’ house next weekend. I’m worried about keeping up with a toddler alone for so long. I’m worried about the health of the new baby. I am having a really difficult time relaxing and not stressing right now. Probably the opposite of what I need, right?

As soon as I admitted to the internet that I was feeling better, I threw up for the first time in about a week and couldn’t stop gagging after. I took myself off to bed since B was done with work and have enjoyed laying here, feeling Baby 3 wiggle around. It feels more like pushes than kicks; it’s much more subtle. I then ate a bunch of pizza for dinner. I never feel as pregnant as when I throw up and then am ravenously hungry minutes later!

Also, B sent me the edited progress photo from 16 weeks to show you all how they’re turning out. We’ll have I label them in the album because I don’t think I’ll be able to keep them straight!



17 Weeks

As much as I thought that the weeks leading up to vacation would crawl by, I’m trying to figure out how to slow them down! I’ve been so darn busy the last week that I’ve barely had time to think!

To make up for the quiet, restful Easter weekend we had, the last 4 days have been all go and no sit. We’ve had parties with the campus ministry, both small and large, parties with the family, and my littlest sister’s spring school concert. It’s not normally something I would go to but she specifically asked if I would be there and didn’t have the heart to tell her no.

Two monumental things took place this week. B gave the baby his/her placeholder name that we’ll use until he/she is born. It started out as my mother in law calling the baby Q. B liked the name because it reminded him of James Bond. Yesterday he kept calling him/her Baby Q and it definitely sounded like BBQ. We got a kick out of it and the name stuck. BBQ it is! I’m quite excited to throw one last pre-kids party this summer. A BBQ for BBQ, as it were.

The second big thing is that I can now feel BBQ move! It is probably the strangest thing I’ve ever felt in my life. The first time it felt like bubbles (at 16 weeks and 3 days) but now I can definitely tell that it is a kick or punch. BBQ has been hanging out just below my belly button and gets really excited right after I eat and if I’m sitting down. It isn’t uncomfortable yet, just distracting. Add this to the list of things that prove there really is a living thing in there!

I have still been unsuccessful squeezing the edited official weekly photos from B (to be fair, he’s been working extra hours writing marketing sales copy for a new product he’s launching) so I thought I’d take one of my own. Enjoy!