A quick update after my OB appointment this morning. I decided that I wouldn’t get a cervical check unless the doctor would also do a membrane sweep at the same time. The doctor agreed to do both so I discovered I’ve moved on to 3-4 cm dilated, still at 70% effaced, and Baby 3 is at a -2 station. So, some change from last week but not a ton. I had forgotten how much it hurts to get membranes swept. I basically crab walked up the table away from the OB!

I’ve had some spotting, cramping, and back pain since my appointment just before noon but no significant contraction activity yet. I did have my membranes swept once with Ben (I think at 38 weeks) but I don’t remember if anything happened afterward.

So we’re on alert but not. I’ve heard that if a membrane sweep is going to be effective, it will push you into labor within 48 hours or you weren’t ready in the first place.


6 Weeks

We are to 6 weeks today and have crossed a mental barrier for me. I miscarried my first pregnancy between 5 and 6 weeks so I definitely feel more confident after reaching the 6 week mark.

This week Baby #2 has a beating heart and pumping blood and is working on forming a mouth, ears, and eyes. Baby is about the size of a pea!


I’m still feeling pretty good. My appetite has basically disappeared so I’m struggling to eat enough. I’m concerned about dropping too much weight too fast since I’m growing a little pea and nursing Ben at the same time. I’ve had a few bouts of nausea but haven’t thrown up yet. I think I was ok at 6 weeks with Ben so maybe the worst is yet to come? I had some pretty awful cramps on Friday and Saturday but didn’t spot at all so I’m chalking that up as normal.

We told both sets of parents within the last week. Ben and I went to see my parents on Friday since we had previously arranged to borrow their van for an Ikea trip. B’s mom came into town for a day trip with some of her friends so Ben and I met them for lunch with this very obvious shirt!

All of our parents were very surprised and very excited.


5 Weeks

Made it to 5 weeks! No spotting at all, just the same amount of cramping as earlier this week but I am less worried about that now than I was earlier. I was talking to my mom about it earlier this week and she said that it is completely normal! It has been a long time since anything in my body has been described as normal. I also feel like a balloon. It looks like I started to show already but I know that I’m just bloated. That is one of the few things that I remember experiencing last June. I’m already dangerously close to not being able to button my pants.

I reached five weeks today and I think we are going to start a weekly photo series tomorrow. In an act of faith, I bought five pieces of maternity clothing from Old Navy earlier this week. They had an awesome sale that was 30% off everything, including clearance prices. I paid $40 for five pieces of clothing, three of them were dresses. There is a light gray one that I will be wearing from now hopefully until next September for all of the weekly photos.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it but B is a photographer by education. He works in marketing at his day job though he went to school for photography and is very, very good at it. We always knew that we may not have the coolest nursery or the hottest baby gadgets but we would have amazing photos. Our goal is to do something like this (found here):