Two Months

My head tells me that Teddy was just born yesterday but my eyes are telling me something completely different. It’s so hard to believe how fast he is growing!

Teddy is two months old today but doesn’t go to the pediatrician until next week so I don’t have any fun growth stats for you yet (I’ll update when I do). I haven’t even gone for my postpartum follow-up appointment yet. The doctor who delivered Teddy is probably the busiest OB at the practice so it was hard to reschedule my appointment and I will, no doubt, have to wait quite a while to be seen. I’m feeling pretty good except for the complete lack of weight loss but that’s another post entirely.

Teddy started out longer than Ben so it shouldn’t surprise me that he is wearing 3 month clothes earlier but I’m still sad about it. My tiny baby is a beast! He’s wearing all 3 month clothes except for pants. He’s pretty slim still, even though he has very kissable rolls and dimples, so pants slide right off. We’re using size one disposable diapers at night and have already packed away all the small prefold diapers in favor of the 5 fitted diapers + covers and 7 BumGenius all-in-one diapers in the stash. I’m still wrapping my head around how I want to split the stash of BumGenius pocket diapers between the two boys but that will happen soon since Teddy is well within the size range.

Teddy consistently wakes up to eat only once during the night, usually between 5 and 7, depending on when we go to bed. He eats, burps, and goes back to sleep with little fuss or effort on my part. We haven’t used a shield for a few weeks (YAY!) so those are packed away now. We’re starting to loosely implement a 7:30 bedtime to get him used to having set sleep hours but success is hit and miss at this point. I feed him and B changes his diaper, puts on PJs, and swaddles him and we put him down in his Rock n Play (highly recommended, especially for a second kid).

Teddy is a smiler. He loves to smile; smiling is his favorite. He has a hard time not smiling so he can eat or keep his pacifier in his mouth. He smiles at all three of us but it’s especially heart-melting to see him smile at Ben. Ben loves to help Teddy play in the gym (Teddy is not as big of a fan, however), throw clothes down the clothes shoot, bring Teddy pacifiers, toys, books, or other things Teddy doesn’t play with yet. I’m looking forward to how things change as Teddy grows up and becomes more of a playmate than a novelty. Ben is really a fantastic big brother and a great helper most days. His molars are taking their sweet time coming in so some days are horrible (looking at you, yesterday, with your 20 minute nap) but the times that Ben throws his arms around my neck and asks for kisses and hugs that make up for the rough stuff.

That’s all I can think of for now. Any questions?

Teddy weighed in at 11 lbs 14.5 oz (half pound heavier than Ben at 2 months but Teddy was weighed at 2 months and 9 days) which is 28th %. He was 23 inches long (33rd%) and his head, similar to Ben’s, was 16 inches (82nd%). My babies have big heads! He didn’t react too well to the vaccines and was whiney, clingy, and feverish for the rest of the day. He slept well at night, however, and the fever was gone the next morning.


TV watching buddy and lap warmer


Lion child


Teddy’s new quilt (and Ben testing it out) from B’s aunt


Video games with Daddy




Tummy time


You mean that these sweet toys are for BABIES?!


The family red sweatsuit


❤ Love them!



7 Weeks Postpartum

I can’t think of a ton of new things to say at this point so I’ll make a bulleted list.

  • Teddy is doing great: He sleeps well (eats at 10:30, sleeps until 5 or 6, eats then sleeps until around 8), eats quickly (6 and 4 minutes a side, usually), is gaining weight (11 lbs last time we checked and has the dimples and rolls to prove it), is fairly easy going, tolerates the car seat, likes being worn and snuggled. We’re trying to figure out how to take care of his super dry skin, cradle cap, and stuffy nose but those are all relatively minor issues. He’s figuring out breastfeeding without the shield (we’ve gone 3 days without it at this point) so I may be able to pack them away soon.
  • Ben loves Teddy: I’m sure part of it is the novelty of having a baby around but Ben loves to see Teddy in the morning, sit with us when I feed him, share toys, and give hugs and kisses. Ben likes to wear his baby doll in a kid-sized doll carrier (similar to this one). I’ve seen him give his baby kisses like I kiss Teddy’s head when I’m wearing our real baby. At this point, we’re not seeing a lot of jealousy or rivalry yet.
  • We love him: Duh. I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t love him as much as Ben or in my newborn fog, I’d love Ben less somehow but that definitely hasn’t happened. Our family feels so right at this point. I’m sure we’ll feel the need to add more someday but my heart is full.
  • I’m figuring out how to balance everything: Hardest part of having more than one kid, for sure! B was gone for work for two weeks starting when Teddy was 3 weeks old so I got a crash course on blending the boys’ schedules alone. I can handle wake ups overnight and getting both boys up in the morning. We don’t get going very quickly but that’s a bonus that our lifestyle provides. I don’t have the guaranteed down time during naps that I used to have and that’s a struggle. I feel bad that Teddy doesn’t get the snuggle time that Ben did as an infant but there’s little I can do about that. I try to have dedicated time for each of the boys during the day and make sure Ben knows that I’m not ignoring him when I’m feeding or changing Teddy. Ben is pretty happy with “taking turns” getting diaper changes and seems to understand that I can’t do everything when I feed Teddy but can play dishes one handed or read books.
  • The house is back under control: I’ve kept up with dishes and laundry this week (yes, we’re still cloth diapering both boys!) and have made homemade meals 4 of the 5 nights so far (last night was leftovers so it doesn’t count). Thanksgiving and Christmas parties will disrupt our new routine but I think we’ll survive.
  • It’s snowed for the last 4 days and I’m already tired of it! It’s the snowiest November on record at over 28 inches of snow! B left the house once to clear snow at the old house and I ran out to two stores and the gas station between storms on Wednesday so we’d have food and snowblower gas to last us a few weeks. Other than that, we’ve watched Frozen a bunch (Ben calls it “leck i’ go”), played hide and seek, read lots of books, colored, and stayed warm inside the house.
  • My postpartum check up was canceled this week because of the weather and because Ben was running a fever on Monday. Turns out it isn’t anything contagious, just his two year molars finally deciding to show up. I haven’t lost a ton of weight yet (still about 20 of 50 lbs) but keep reminding myself that it will come off eventually. It isn’t the weight that bothers me the most though; it’s the loose stomach skin that hangs over waistbands. That will tighten up eventually, right?
  • B started a new part time job on Monday working for a friend helping develop new processes and efficiencies for the company (consists of two recently merged companies) and coding sites for big name clients. Those are two of his favorite things so he’s pretty happy with it. It’s weird that B has set work hours for the first time in 4 months but I’m sure he’s getting more work done because of it. I get to spend more time with him in the evening too, which is great.

Went to an indoor water park and got lots of time to snuggle Teddy while B and Ben swam



Ben and I went on a date to the mall and rode the carousel and ate chicken nuggets and french fries



Big brother is starting to squish little brother pretty early on



So much love on this couch!



Baby smiles!



Squirrel pose




Me and Ben wearing our babies