New Year Changes

One of my goals for this new year is to blog more openly. I’ve always used my lack of family blog as my safe space to share anything and everything but with a growing number of close friends moving away, family members becoming more connected to the internet (looking at you, MIL!), and further personal involvement into the WordPress development community, I want a place to use to stay connected that doesn’t also have so much of my personal health history.

I’ve been writing pretty casually at KatieHomemaker for over a year. Some of you have found me there but if you want to keep in touch with what our family is up to, I’d encourage you to follow that site.

Another one of my goals is to learn to maintain my own WordPress site, self-hosted, away from wordpress.com. Very soon, after Brian shows me the basics and helps me set up hosting, I’ll be moving my KatieHomemaker site over to my own domain! I am really excited to stretch myself in this direction and become more of a part of the WordPress community that my husband and I care so much about. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Did you sit down and plan out goals for this coming year too? I’m praying it will be a year of grown, learning, and peace for all of us.