A Prayer for my Boobs

I am still struggling with breastfeeding Teddy almost a month into this relationship. I don’t think his latch is everything it should be but it works because of the nipple shield. I haven’t been able to get him to latch without the shield at all; he simply looks at me like I’m crazy. I’ve been battling double mastitis and clogged ducts for over a week and feel downright rotten about every other day. I’m on day 3 of antibiotics and definitely have had a new clog develop in the last few hours. Letdown brings sharp pain that is only just bearable.

I know I don’t want to quit though. There has to be a way to fix all these issues but when I’ve been solo parenting for a week (B had been in San Francisco for a work conference since last Thursday), I don’t have the energy or time to devote to getting better because there’s always a child that needs something. B leaves again for another work trip on Sunday so I’m hoping to get as much rest as possible between when he gets home tomorrow and Sunday morning.

If you’re the praying type, I need help getting through the next week and a healing touch.


9 thoughts on “A Prayer for my Boobs

  1. Oh goodness! I hope you are able to get better. Have you met with a lactation consultant? I was worried about my son’s latch as well and they were able to help me out. Sending good vibes.

  2. Oh gosh. Im so sorry, girl! Mastitis sucks! Did they give you anything for pain? Ultimately thats how I survived the first few days. Well, that and hot compresses with vigorous massages to help the clogs. Afterwards, I also started taking lecithin which really helped with the clogs in the future.
    I also recently read that rubbing lavendar oil on your breasts may help. I already bought some for myself just in case!

    I’ll definitely say prayers for you. And send virtual hugs… the sideways kind that are gentile and wont hurt your bbs!

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  4. See your lactation consultant as soon as you can, mine was so helpful! Have you tried the ‘boob sandwich’ to help with latch? Use the hand on the same side that you are feeding to grab your boob with your thumb on top and fingers underneath. Your thumb should be parallel with baby’s top lip and about half a cm from your areole. Flatten your boob to create said sandwich and offer nipple to baby. The flattening really helps baby get a good mouthful and helped our latch so much!

    I’ve heard mastitis is just awful so hope it passes quickly for you! X

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