What is on my Nursing Table?

I have always had a crazy curiosity about the things that people thing essential enough to keep on hand during critical moments so I thought I’d share what is currently on the nightstand in Teddy’s room. I nurse at night almost exclusively in the armchair in his bedroom so I try to set up everything I’ll need within arms reach for night feedings so I won’t have to stay awake longer than necessary.


  • An already dog-eared Pottery barn catalog that came while we were at the hospital
  • Kindle: This came as a surprise baby gift from friends halfway across the country. She and I were talking about them earlier this week or last and I mentioned how useful I thought it would be for reading during night feedings. We have wonderful friends!
  • Phone: My calm and constant companion (and feeding tracking device)
  • Red tin of breast pads: I learned early on with Ben that one of our cats likes to steal breast pads and play with them so I had to find a container that he couldn’t open
  • Lamp turned on low
  • Nipple butter: This stuff is far superior to lanolin. It smells lovely, doesn’t stain clothes, and goes on smoother and less sticky.
  • Nipple shield: I was going to go without because it seemed like Teddy could handle it but the pain of learning to breastfeed again is buffeted by the shield a tiny bit so I’ll work on weaning him later
  • Quaker banana bread soft baked granola bar: Breastfeeding makes me hungry so I grabbed a bar from the hospital bag. Good choice
  • Mostly empty water bottle because I already emptied it today! 20 oz of 95 already done by 6 am!

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