Another revelation at my OB appointment yesterday was that they’ve always considered my due date to be September 28, not 29, so by the time I walked into their office, I was already overdue. I’m thinking that date came from an early ultrasound but I stuck with the 29th because I know better than they when this baby was conceived. It is only to my advantage that they think I’m farther along than I do because they’re more likely to act earlier.

I’m still frustrated and ready to be done with this pregnancy. I have had to pull away from Facebook because I only get anxious when I see women who were due after me having their babies yet mine is stubbornly staying on the inside. I can’t even check the pregnancy forums anymore because its too depressing.

I spent some time explaining to a friend (without children) the different factors that affect when a woman goes into labor. It’s not just the dilation that the doctor is keeping an eye on but also how thinned, shortened, and softened the cervix is at the time of the exam. I may be dilated more than most women are by the time they hit active labor but for some reason, the rest of those factors aren’t falling into place. I’m hoping that this means that once I get to laboring, it will be short. I must be close and has some fantastic contractions last night but today everything has been pretty quiet. We keep praying and hoping but it isn’t easy.

I experienced significant cramping and (TMI) diarrhea this evening, just in time to miss Ben’s bedtime. Now I’m laying in bed and baby is bouncing all over the place. What are you doing in there, Son?!


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