40 weeks


All I have to say about 40 weeks is ugh.

Just kidding, I have lots to say.

I honestly never thought that I’d make it to this point. Ben came earlier than this, I’m an efficient laborer. It couldn’t happen to me. Oh yes it can. Second babies are here to show us we know nothing. I am frustrated out of my mind that simple daily living is so dang hard. Washing dishes hurts, taking a shower leaves me winded. Forget about chasing a toddler!

I’m less miserable that I could be, I suppose, but I am very much over being pregnant. The end goal wasn’t the pregnancy but the baby that should be here soon and I want soon to be now. He is definitely carrying really low and makes it hard to sleep through the night. A good night is two bathroom trips, a bad night is waking up with Ben, B snoring, 3+ bathroom stops, and not being able to fall back asleep because I’m so uncomfortable.

I go to my 40 week OB appointment this afternoon at 3. If you all could be praying for that meeting, we’d appreciate it a ton. Ideally, I would naturally go into labor before my appointment or a third membrane sweep will trigger labor and we won’t have to plan any sort of intervention beyond that. I’d be happy with a sympathetic doctor who will listen and help make a plan within the next few days for me to be induced. In my mind, worst case scenario is being told they won’t do anything until after 41 or 42 weeks. I literally don’t think I’d be able to walk by then! I’m afraid of the pain of the sweep and that it will be wasted (I’d rather have labor contractions!). I’m afraid of being told that I haven’t progressed at all since the 3-4 cm I was at 38 weeks. I’m afraid of being induced. I’m afraid of something being wrong with Baby 3 and that’s why he hasn’t arrived yet. There’s nothing I can do until the appointment but pray so that’s what I’ll be doing today.

I had yet another cervical check and the OB said I am 5cm (ish) and 70% effaced. This is enough progress that she didn’t believe that another membrane sweep would do anything but not enough progress where she was willing to break my water today. She didn’t want to schedule any sort of medical intervention until after 41 weeks but was willing to see me again in 3 days and just maybe I’ll have made enough progress to break my water and let me labor from that point. I’m frustrated with this child’s resistance to being born and how hard everything is right now. I’m trying not to think about how much this week is going to suck.


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