39 weeks


I’ve been saying that baby feels like carrying around a watermelon for weeks already but now it’s official. Baby is large, has run out of room, and has been told to get the heck out of dodge.

Ben arrived at 39+1 and while I would really love Baby Brother to come today or tomorrow, I think I have mentally prepared myself to bake this one longer. That doesn’t mean I won’t have several meltdowns this week; I’m sure those will happen regardless.

My ob appointment last Thursday was a huge disappointment. I was still only dilated to 3-4 cm, even after the painful membrane sweep from week 37. I had the doctor do it once more (had lots of cramping but less blood and no mucus) but it didn’t push me into labor over the weekend. At this point, I’m willing to skip all internal exams until baby decides to show up on his own. They aren’t worth the trouble and I have the baseline data that we wanted. I was really uncomfortable yesterday with tons of cramping and lower back pain but that fizzled out after a few hours. I go back to the OB for my 39 week appointment tomorrow and I’ll likely ask what their induction policy is, since I have no clue. There’s a chance I’ll go to 41 weeks even though I can’t imagine being able to function 2 weeks from now!

Both Ben and I caught a cold that is going around so we’re trying to get both of us better as quickly as possible. It definitely isn’t the worst cold I’ve ever had because I feel pretty much normal during the day. Nights bring on the congestion and post nasal dripping but that can be managed with sudafed and lots of water.


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