The pregnancy that never ends…

My OB appointment was this afternoon. I asked for another cervical check and membrane sweep and the doctor told me that I haven’t dilated any more than the 3-4 I was last week. After how incredibly frustrated and crampy I’ve felt for the last week, this was very depressing to hear. I did get another sweep but I won’t be asking for either of them again. It’s not worth it.

I don’t remember getting this upset and depressed about how useless I felt last time. There is a huge difference between being pregnant with your first and expecting another while trying to raise a toddler. I feel like a horrible mom because I can’t manage to do anything fun with Ben anymore. We haven’t been able to have a Grammy day in weeks, B is working extra again, and we simply can’t afford more mother’s helper time. Money is tight enough as it is and we thought we had tenants lined up for our old house but that fell through so we’re on the hook for two mortgages next month.

I am just so done


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