38 weeks


38 weeks and how do I feel? Done, done, done, done, done! Carrying around this pumpkin is exhausting!

Obviously, the membrane sweep last Friday didn’t start labor but I’m fairly certain it got me closer. I believe I lost my mucus plug Saturday and baby has dropped so low that my mom joked that he’s going to crawl out on his own. My contractions have picked up in both frequency and intensity but there hasn’t been anything to time yet.

I broke down early last week out of frustration. I am beyond exhausted most of the time and there’s not much we can do about it. I love Ben dearly but sometimes I wish the end of this pregnancy could be like the end of his: at home with no responsibilities except sleeping in and walking as much as I am capable. Chasing around a toddler is not at all relaxing. I’m looking forward to my mini vacation in L&D!

We hosted Ben’s birthday party yesterday for just us and our parents. We kept the decorations simple (Toy Story decorations hanging from the ceiling in the dining room and Toy Story cupcake picks) and the menu simple (MIL brought fruit salad, my mom made cream cheese filled cupcakes and ramen salad, we provided lettuce salad and pizza). This was no Pinterest party but it was exactly the kind of party a two year old could enjoy.

We’re glad we kept it small because Ben woke up and suddenly everyone was there and it was pretty overwhelming for him. After at least 20 minutes of stubborn refusal to do anything, we offered him some “fruit candies” aka fruit snacks and he warmed up to the idea of being the center of attention.

He was mildly interested in the card B’s parents have him (“Monies!”), substantially interested in the V-Tech garage that matches the train set he plays with nearly every day, and didn’t want to do anything but play as soon as he saw the kitchen my parents brought for him! It took a lot of convincing to feed him dinner and even then, he stopped 3 bites from the end and asked to get down so he could play with his dishes. Hooray! Getting him a kitchen for his second birthday was definitely a good choice and would recommend it if your toddler has started to play pretend (Ben likes to fake feed cereal to toys and has a set of milk cartons
that he’s always bringing over to us to “drink”). B said he got some great photos of the party so hopefully I’ll be able to share those sometime before Ben graduates from high school.



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