A quick update after my OB appointment this morning. I decided that I wouldn’t get a cervical check unless the doctor would also do a membrane sweep at the same time. The doctor agreed to do both so I discovered I’ve moved on to 3-4 cm dilated, still at 70% effaced, and Baby 3 is at a -2 station. So, some change from last week but not a ton. I had forgotten how much it hurts to get membranes swept. I basically crab walked up the table away from the OB!

I’ve had some spotting, cramping, and back pain since my appointment just before noon but no significant contraction activity yet. I did have my membranes swept once with Ben (I think at 38 weeks) but I don’t remember if anything happened afterward.

So we’re on alert but not. I’ve heard that if a membrane sweep is going to be effective, it will push you into labor within 48 hours or you weren’t ready in the first place.


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