37 weeks


Baby 3 is big and heavy. I’ve had more issues with acid reflux and heartburn in the last week than I did my entire pregnancy with Ben. Tums are my friend, even though I can barely take them without gagging. I’ve got stretch marks all over but I can’t tell if they are from this time or last time. There’s nothing I can do about them now so I’m going to ignore them. My feet do swell up by the end of the day so I make an effort to balance my time on and off my feet.

At my OB appointment last Friday, I got swabbed for the GBS test and my first cervical check of this trimester (had at least one early on with all of the spotting I had for a few weeks). I had prepared myself for no progress but was told that although my cervix is mostly posterior at this point, I’m dilated to 3cm and 70% effaced. Baby 3 is head down and darn low for me not being in active labor. That is exactly where I was at 36 weeks with Ben so I feel like I’m in familiar territory. We discussed how I carry babies during third trimester (suuuuuper low) and how a support belt may be helpful next time around. I’m so close to the end now that I don’t want to spend more money on anything. I didn’t bleed like I did after my 36 week check with Ben and I wonder, looking back, if that was bloody show + mucus plug. I’ve gained the 40 lbs that I had with Ben as of his delivery but since I’m measuring slightly small with this baby, I’m sure it’s all my weight this time. I’m not retaining much water and don’t feel like I’ve gained as much as I have so it doesn’t bother me too much. It is getting hard to move though.

B shot a wedding in his hometown (90 minute drive) on Saturday and I stayed home with Ben. We has talked about me going with him but since I am so much less agile and mobile than I was even one week ago, we thought we’d save the babysitter money for another time. My biggest concern was going into labor while B was out of reach. Thankfully, he had a good cell signal all day so if anything happened, he’d know right away. I started losing bits of my mucus plug in the morning and had strong enough contractions to make me stop what I was doing, no patterns developed and my water didn’t break. One of my best friends came over for the afternoon and she helped tire Ben out by taking him to the playground behind our house. God bless good friends like that!

Baby Brother’s room is slowly starting to come together. B hung the new blinds on Labor Day and I ordered a new ottoman, crib skirt, and a few other miscellaneous items with my Amazon registry completion coupon. The closet is about half organized and I bought and washed an adorable fox sleeper in two sizes from Target AND indulged by buying myself a hooded robe to wear in the hospital. I took my nursing tanks and bras out of storage so I can officially say that the hospital bag is packed and ready to go (minus phone chargers, glasses, my pillow, etc). I even figured out how to replace the stubborn buckle on our Graco infant car seat!



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