36 weeks


36 weeks means baby is 6 lbs and 18.5 inches long, give or take a few ounces and inches. That, my friends, is a full size baby! At this point, I’m going to completely ignore all size indicators because if my doctors can’t guess accurately, neither can an app.

I feel like Baby 3 has dropped significantly in the last week. From my viewpoint, my belly is smaller but it’s really that the bulk of it’s contents is nestled between my hips instead of sitting above them. As a result, it’s getting more difficult to walk on a daily basis and I definitely have the pregnant lady waddle going on. This baby is sitting exactly mirrored to how Ben was so instead of left hip and lower back pain, it’s all located on the right. Going to the chiropractor doesn’t help anymore so I just do my best.

Housework is nearly impossible because I can’t bend like I need to. I nearly lost it this morning when Ben spilled his cereal on the floor for the third time. Does he not understand how hard it is to pick bits of cereal off the floor? No, he doesn’t. He’s two ish!

I don’t go back to the OB until Friday so I won’t know if I’ve made any cervical process until nearly 37 weeks. I’m impatient to find out but since the numbers mean very little and I know Ben’s “baby brover” will show up whenever he wants, I’m ok to wait… for now.


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