35 Weeks: Thoughts from a Wandering Brain

You know you’re really large and round when sitting close enough to the table to not drip all over your belly results in indentation lines from the edge of the table in your skin.

White Bean and Basil hummus from Trader Joe’s is flippin’ amazing. I may or may not have gone through the whole tub in two sittings.

Was I really this much in pain during my last third trimester or is it a result of trying to keep up with a toddler?

The dishes aren’t washed, there are toys everywhere, both bathrooms need to be cleaned, the baby’s room isn’t done, the kitchen floor should be washed, we need to buy a new fridge because this one keeps freezing produce and dripping condensation everywhere, I still haven’t invited friends over to see the new house but I’m too tired to clean and host. This is just a season and it will be over soon


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