35 weeks


35 weeks seems like a lot and it kind of is. I know that this is the beginning of the end. I’m no longer traveling far from home, I don’t have any overnight trips planned between now and when I show up at the hospital, B and I stay in much closer contact.

Baby is supposedly over 5 lbs and 18 inches long. Friends of mine have had nearly full-term babies that have been smaller than what New Baby is now, which is a little mind blowing. He wiggles up a storm, especially when I go to bed, and seems to react to sweet treats by having hiccups. All the hiccups originate in the lower curve of my belly, just above my pelvis. I think New Baby has dropped a little but I still find myself short of breath so there is room for improvement.

If I don’t keep my feet up throughout the day, I have swollen feet by night although they look nothing like how bad they were with Ben. Nothing I could do at that point made a difference and they were so swollen they hurt. I can still see tendons and ankle bones this time so I’m feeling pretty good about that. My blood pressure and baby’s heart rate were good at my appointment this morning. New Baby is still head down and since he’s really run out of room, we’re not anticipating any more flips. Considering how early I dilated with Ben and how quickly my labor progressed last time, starting next week I’ll be monitored closely to make sure that labor doesn’t catch us too off guard. I go back again a week from this Friday (almost 2 weeks but I get to see my favorite doc who is not on call!)

We are slowly crossing things off our pre-baby list. B and I drove to the nearest Ikea on Friday to pick up a chair for the baby’s room (the Jennylund chair in cream and gray check) plus a small table and chair set for Ben and our contribution to his play kitchen birthday present. I have diapers out of storage and organized. I got all the itty bitty clothes out and picked a coming home outfit for the hospital bag. Once B packs underwear and shirts for himself and I figure out where my spare bobby pins are hiding, our hospital bag is basically done. I need to switch out the buckle portion of our infant car seat (thanks to a Graco recall) and that’s ready to go in the car. It seems a little unreal that we’re to this part of preparation already!

B and I had the most productive “let’s name the baby” in the car on the way home from Ikea on Friday. We both agreed on a middle name immediately but the first name is tricky. There are two names: one I like best and one B likes. My name has a more awesome nickname but is a little less traditional. B’s name has nearly as many nicknames as Benjamin but none of them have the same pizazz as my name. As much as I like my name, I think B’s favored name would be less awkward for the kid as he grows up so that’s tentatively what we’re planning on. It is nice to know that we’ve made that much progress before baby makes his appearance!


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