34 weeks


A cantaloupe seems really, really big.

34 weeks is another off week from doctor appointments because if I scheduled for 35 weeks, if be able to get the group b strep test done so I don’t go again until exactly 35 weeks next Monday.

I feel bigger, heavier, more awkward, exhausted, but only slightly swollen. I keep opening doors into my belly which only goes to prove that I really am large. Baby is around 4.75 lbs, 18″, and really enjoys poking me in the side with his tiny feet. I’m still feeling a lot of movement and I don’t think he’s dropped too much because his hiccups are still far above my pelvis. I’m still having a ton of BH contractions and I’m starting to feel like some of them are being productive. I’m curious if the OB is going to offer a cervical check next week since I’ll be in a gown for the strep test anyway. I may ask simply for my peace of mind.

B hosted his annual local WordPress conference over the weekend and I got a chance to go to volunteer. Unfortunately, even though I was super careful, I’m still exhausted. We’re working on switching Ben to his twin bed too and (more updates to come tomorrow in his monthly post), it might be the hardest thing we’ve had to implement so far as parents.

We’ve slowly gotten baby stuff out of storage over the last week. I’ve washed the car seat with newborn inserts, the rock n play I wanted to try with this kid, the new clothes I’ve gathered since Ben was a newborn, and have taken out and organized the newborn and 0/3 clothes in the baby’s dresser. All of the diapers and changing table are in New Baby’s room now so Ben knows that we need to go to “Baby Brover’s” room for changes. It isn’t as convenient as having everything at hand in his room but we love being able to let him roam without worrying about getting into the wipes or diaper pail.

B promised to install the new HVAC vent covers today (after I found Ben trying to treat one like the clothes shoot yesterday!) and possibly install the blinds and replace the doorknob (the current one looks like it may fall apart at any time). Friends of ours had their first baby last week and are conveniently located closer to Ikea than we are so we’re planning a child-free road trip on Friday to buy a few birthday presents for Ben and a new chair for the nursery. The hospital bag contents are mostly gathered in one place (but not actually packed yet) and we don’t have an overwhelming amount of tasks left to do for the nursery save organizing and hanging decorations on the walls and ceiling. I can tell you that I’m much more relaxed about getting the room ready this time around. As long as I can find diapers and clothes, the rest will be done eventually.


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