33 weeks


33 weeks and still trucking along. NW Baby is around 4 lbs, 17 inches, and looks less and less like an alien baby every day. I’m 7 weeks from d-day and 6 weeks from when Ben was born. I had my 32 week OB appointment last Friday and discovered I’ve finally slowed down on the weight gain (2.5 lbs in 2 weeks instead of 6.5 lbs in 2 weeks), my blood pressure was better than it has been in months, baby’s heart rate was great, AND he finally flipped head down. I figured he had because I’m feeling more activity around and above my belly button than I used to plus all his tiny hiccups are between my belly button and pubic bone. He still seems to have lots of room to move because he shifts from side to side often but I haven’t felt him flip again.

People were asking me at church yesterday if I’m ready yet and I could definitely tell them no. We just moved into our newly painted master bedroom yesterday (but no rug because the carpet binding company messed up my order and didn’t cut the length to size!) and are anticipating the baby’s rug being re delivered this afternoon. If that fits in the nursery (this time), I’ll be able to start pulling furniture from Ben’s room and clothes, diapers, and gear out of storage in the basement. I have a ton of stuff to wash before baby comes. I also need to strip and recover Ben’s twin headboard so he can adjust to a big boy bed before we get to the point where baby “steals” his crib.

Not only are we not ready for a newborn’s physical presence in the house but I’m not mentally ready for labor yet. My mom and I have joked that the third trimester is as miserable as it is to give a woman the extra motivation she needs to just get the baby out, no matter what it takes. I’m not completely miserable yet so delivery and contractions can wait. Yes, I don’t sleep much anymore, I ache all over, I’m ready for bed by noon every day, my joints are swollen, and I’m nesting like mad but I know it will get much, much worse before the end.


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