32 weeks


I am not too familiar with jicama but I’m assuming they’re heavy and wiggle around a lot?

New Baby and I are at the brink of another growth spurt and will be gaining a ton of weight over the next 8 weeks, around 1/3 to 1/2 of little man’s birth weight actually. I am already fairly uncomfortable and have gained more than 30 lbs so it will be interesting to see where we end up. My appetite has slowed down a bunch and I’m starting to feel some of the less awesome third trimester issues like back pain, indigestion, difficulty breathing, and about 0 energy.

B quit his job back at the beginning of July and the last several weeks have been glorious! He’s basically back to freelance work and while that always throws me through a loop, budget-wise (getting paid only once a month?!), he has so much more flexibility to play with Ben or do house projects like stripping the wallpaper in our master bedroom. This paper almost literally peeled itself off the walls and while it was a multi-day, multi-hour time investment, we couldn’t have wished for a better outcome! He finished late last night so this coming week we will sand the remaining adhesive off the walls, patch cracks and holes, and generally get ready for our painter to come on Thursday and Friday. Hooray for progress and possibly being able to move into our own room before baby comes!


It is still early but because I haven’t been able to nest like I would otherwise hope, I decided to make a thorough list and start gathering things for our hospital bag and Ben’s overnight bag. Whenever I think about it and whenever it is convenient, I grab an item off the list and toss it in an empty dresser drawer in our bedroom. This casual style of packing has worked well because I’ve gotten nearly everything off my list in one place.


2 thoughts on “32 weeks

  1. VERY intrigued by the wallpaper removal. What did he use? Our new house has it in all bedrooms. 😦 I’d tolerate it if it were beige like this but I cannot begin to describe the patterns! Glad he got it all done! Maybe that’s good news for us?

    • We bought a wallpaper steamer from amazon knowing that we had plenty of rooms with paper in this house. We were fortunate that the master bedroom had been painted before and the wallpaper was old enough that the seams were already peeling. Basically, he steamed off the top layer with the print, leaving a construction paper like textured layer on the walls. A second pass through the room soaked the plain paper later and it peeled right off with a wide putty knife!

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