31 weeks


I think it’s customary for me to get to this point and freak out about 2 months left! Two months?!

Baby 3 is about 16 inches (the height of a pineapple including the spikes green part) and weights a bit over 3 lbs. He seems to be all knees and elbows because I feel them all day long. He’s flipped to head down and then back again so he definitely has more room to grow.

I’m starting to struggle with sleeping and exhaustion. My lower back has been hurting pretty badly when I get to bed each night but I don’t think anything is wrong; it’s just typical extra weight pain.

B and I took a hospital tour of the hospital where I delivered Ben and where this little dude will be born too. There were many things I missed by having a fast labor last time (triage, birthing balls, the jacuzzi tub, etc) that we had forgotten about existing at all. We aren’t planning on this labor going as smoothly as Ben’s simply because it can’t be that awesome twice. We are really excited that we can use the same hospital because the staff were fantastic!


2 thoughts on “31 weeks

    • I’m not concerned about my ability at this point but more about what curveballs this kid is going to throw at me (and B keeps freaking out about 1:1,000,000 medical worst case scenarios!)

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