22 months

B and I were stunned to do the math and realize Ben is only 2 months away from 2 years old. What?! He’s our baby!!!

In the past month, Ben has started stringing together words to make sentences in a major way. Many of the answers to our questions are more than one or two words now and when he chatters to himself, it’s a whole conversation! His little voice is adorable to hear, especially when he butchers longer words like turning “applesauce” into “asapah.” He mimics and repeats almost everything we say and his vocabulary has exploded. There are some words that are entirely his own like gibby for blanket. That one came out of nowhere! He loves making animal noises and my favorite is the sound an elephant makes when it trumpets because Ben uses his arm like a trunk!

We had been listening to kids songs in the car and suddenly Ben starred picking up on the words, singing along, and asking for favorites. He loves hearing ABCs (A Bees), ring around the rosey (ashes), LE (B-I-B-L-E), a song about brushing his teeth (teeth!), and Old McDonald (E-I-O). If he asks for us to sing when we’re playing and we sing the song he has in mind, he bounces up and down and dances.

Ben almost always uses silverware and dishes, even spoons! He is frustrated with us when we don’t provide them, even if we know the meal would be easier to eat with fingers or that he’d make less of a mess without them. He loves to scoop yogurt for breakfast and has even has mostly broth-free soup.

He’ll eat pasta (“pata”) now but only if it’s covered in sauce. He still isn’t a huge fan of milk but he will drink it when we give it to him with meals. He loves greek yogurt (nono), cheese, black beans, quesadillas (kayeeyah), chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, ice cream, daddy’s cereal, and many others. If he gets hungry enough, he’ll start making hopeful suggestions, “Kayeeyah? Chee? Fruits?” One of my favorite things that he does with food is if he sees me cleaning or chopping vegetables (which is often since we have a CSA subscription this summer), he asks to try whatever I have out. He often doesn’t like it but I love that he is interested and willing! He’s started to play pretend eating and likes to borrow my kitchen gear to play so a play kitchen might be in order for his second birthday.

Ben is testing limits and boundaries and it drives his parents crazy. “Oh, you said I can’t go downstairs? How abut I sit on the top step?” We are trying to be consistent and make consequences to his actions something we can follow through on. Ben has discovered that time out can follow us away from home and he needs to use good listening no matter where he is. He doesn’t always, of course, but it’s not a bad start for 22 months.


Making faces


Kitty ‘Gli is his best friend and puts up with lots of love and baby abuse


We hired a young man from church to help finish some outdoor projects. Ben ran around the house watching him all day and talked of nothing else for a long time after


Video games with daddy is serious business


B sold an amp he doesn’t use anymore and Ben was really excited about all the knobs that he could turn


Ben discovered the racecar carts at Home Depot and is no longer satisfied with a regular cart. He needs to drive the beep beep!


My favorite part about this photo is that Mowgli just laid there and put up with being steamrolled by a small human twice his weight


Ben had a brief bought of roseola last month and one of the few things that makes him feel better when he’s running a fever and can’t sleep is snuggling in the big bed and playing games on daddy’s phone


Building towers is an almost daddy-exclusive activity


Down it comes!


Ben has started experimenting with picking out clothes and dressing himself. He *almost* got the hat on right!


What do you do when you’re exhausted from moving and your toddler decides to wake up pre-7:00? Shows in bed, of course!


This kid is full of personality


Ben now requires two blankets, two sock monkeys, his pillow, a stuffed lion, a baba, and a boppy in order to fall asleep. He’s almost got the pillow thing figured out


I had forgotten that Ben figured out zippers until I went into his room to get him up in the morning and he was naked


We took Ben on his first big-boy trip to the “beash” last Friday and he LOVED it


I love my boys!


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