29 weeks


Baby is around 2.5 lbs and I LOVE seeing that number go up every week! He has plenty of time to grow some baby chub but knowing that he’s bigger (and me too!) is a comforting thought.

New Baby is still breech and enjoys poking me really hard on the inside of my right hip. It is a far stranger feeling than the rolls and flails across the middle of my belly. We are still praying that he flips and stays head down soon. I have enough to think about for the next 10+ weeks!

As a 29 week gift, we hired one of our college students to do the bulk of the cleaning at the old house so I won’t have to push myself too hard to get it ready for our renters. They signed their lease last night and aren’t planning on moving in big things until Saturday so we have some time to finish the final painting and repair projects we had started.

I think that 3rd tri exhaustion has finally caught up with me after being so busy for the last two weeks and going to bed far later than I would have wished every single night. I meant to go back to the old house during nap today to do some painting but collapsed into bed instead. We’ve got a sitter lined up for tomorrow afternoon and evening so B and I will both be able to work. I’m really looking forward to being done with that house!


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