28 weeks


A bit late, yes, but I’m still 28 weeks! This week has been full of chaos and craziness as we prepared for our big move. We are officially in our new house, thanks to the help of several great friends and family members and are excited to figure out how to live here.

Baby 3 is over 2 lbs and really, really close to 15 inches long. I had my gestational diabetes and iron tests at my appointment last Monday and passed both with flying colors! I am glad I can keep eating dessert and carbs but even more excited that I don’t have to take a higher dose iron supplement that would make me sick. My OB felt the baby and told me he is currently breech so all kicks will be really low. Most of the time, I can feel him inside my right hip. It is definitely strange! We are praying he flips over and stays that way so it’s less likely we’ll have to deal with the added recovery time and restrictions of a c-section.

Here’s a belly shot that I took at 28+1.



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