27 weeks

Holy crap! Third trimester!
Friends who I have considered being “pregnant at the same time” are starting to have their babies and it’s freaking me out to no small degree. I’m not ready! I want to meet the little guy and really, I have a long time left, but there is so much to get done!

New Baby is around 2 lbs and 14-15 inches long. Still a very low weight but viability was 3 weeks ago already. Where did the time go?! He is starting to poke me with elbows and knees instead of the more dull kicks of second trimester. His eyes can open and I love him oh so much, even when he squirms into my bladder and makes me have to pee.

I’m still feeling energetic and decent most days, which is a really good thing since we’re preparing to move next week. I can be tired later; I have things to do! I’ve started to get Braxton Hicks contractions but they’re more annoying than anything else. I’m staying hydrated and in the air conditioning when it’s super hot. It’s getting harder to put on pants, buckle shoes, pick stuff off the floor, trim my toenails, shave my legs, and do anything else that involves bending.


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