A Day in the Life at 21 Months

I’ve been meaning to write a “day in the life” post for 1 Benny-sized kid since he turned 18 months almost 3 months ago but haven’t found the time. I think that is probably a good illustration of what life with an active toddler is like!

7:45 am: Ben wakes up
He usually wakes up between 6:45 and 8 without any real pattern of why he sleeps later some days. I’ve been awake since 7:15 but enjoying some quiet time in bed before getting up. Ben plays quietly in his bed for about 15 minutes before telling me that he’s ready to get up.

8:00 am: Diaper change and breakfast
When I get Ben up, he tells me he wants to see the kitties, have cereal, and watch a show. I can handle that! I have a snack cup all ready to go with cereal (his preferred breakfast) and he looks at all his DVD cases before picking out Baby Beethoven. He doesn’t really sit down and eat so I know we’ll have to have a healthy snack before I shower.

9:15 am: B is home, I clean kitchen, Ben snacks
By now Ben has had two short shows and still hasn’t stopped moving long enough to eat. B had a breakfast meeting but is home again. The whole family goes into the kitchen to work, eat, and clean. Ben requests apples, “no no,” which is his name for yogurt, and cereal. He’s getting better at feeding himself greek style yogurt because its thick enough to stay on the spoon and he likes to practice often. He gets half a container of black cherry greek yogurt, half an apple cut into bite size pieces, and some of his breakfast cereal. Now that he’s discovered that some foods can be dipped, everything that might be dipped into something else is. While he is spooning and dipping yogurt and getting it mostly in his mouth, B works at the kitchen table and I empty the dishwasher, take care of the random toys and other things that have gotten left on the counter, and handwash dishes from last night.

9:45 am: Ben is done, I can shower now
Ben’s yogurt is gone so I take away his slimy dishes and wash his hands and face. Inevitably, I miss some yogurt that I’ll clean off later. That stuff hides from me! I tell Ben that I need to take a shower and he grabs a few toys and runs down the hall to his room. He knows that mommy shower time means that he gets quiet time in his room with books and toys in bed. It’s the only time during the day outside of naps and night that he’s allowed to have a pacifier so he’s generally more than willing to play by himself in his crib while I shower. I finish the rest of his container of yogurt, grab some clothes, and shower.

10:45 am: Planning and playing
I plan our errands for the day (bringing cash to the bank to deposit and getting an oil change) while Ben wanders the house. Some young newlyweds that recently graduated from our campus ministry have been struggling financially while the husband finds a full time job so he’s been doing yard work and minor repairs at our house when we have the cash to employ him. He was over this morning and Ben follows him around the house and loves to watch him work (today it was cutting up branches from a pine tree, caulking the front door prior to painting, and cleaning out a garden bed).

11:10 am: Errands
Ben and I take off in the car. The change oil light was on so we make that the top priority for the morning. Ben has a CD of kids singing Bible songs that he LOVES to listen to and requests that I turn it on when we get in the car. Surprisingly, he makes it through the oil change with a few car toys and his music turned on. He’s starting to be able to sing along, which melts my mommy heart every time. A quick stop at the bank to deposit the cash B’s mom gave us for her new iPad last week and we’re headed home again.

Noon: Lunch!
Ben is whiney and naughty so we know he’s getting ready for a nap. He gets much naughtier the more tired he is. To prove that to us, he is put on time out twice while I’m making lunch for doing things he knows full well are not allowed (playing with daddy’s laptop and touching the knobs on the stove). Eventually I finish making his black bean quesadilla and green beans and my leftover cheese stuffed tortelini with vodka sauce. I usually eat at the beginning of his nap but because I have an OB appointment today, I eat with Ben. Ben insists we stop to pray about 3 times during the course of the meal.

12:30 pm: Appointment
I leave Ben with B and take off to my appointment on the other side of town. I get a call halfway there that the doctor was called out for a delivery but decide to go in anyway. I only have 3 weeks until the upper limit to do the 2nd tri gestational diabetes testing so I need to get the glucose fluid and and curious about my weight gain. I see the nurse, find out that I gained more than 2 lbs per week for the last 5 weeks, schedule the GD test at 28 weeks exactly and leave for home. B reports that Ben dropped like a rock when he was put into his bed for a nap. Surprise!

1:15 pm: Home and nap productivity
I tell B about my appointment while he eats his lunch and try to decide what to do during nap time. It’s hot and muggy today so I really don’t want to go outside to work so I settle down to write part of this post (hi!), drink more water, and catch up on emails. I’m hoping to hear from the bank that they’ve finally approved our mortgage for the new house but refuse to get my hopes up since they’ve delayed twice already. I think I’m making smoked sausage, potato, and veggie packets on the grill for dinner so I think about what produce needs to be used up. We signed up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) program that doubles as an after school program and summer employment for several inner city high school students every year. I pick up our produce on Thursdays and so far this season, we’ve had bok choy, spinach, arugula, loads of mixed lettuce, a head of lettuce, radishes, herbs, kale, and scallions. It breaks down to only about $20/week and is a huge time saver for me so I don’t have to spend so much time outside gardening while super pregnant.

3:30 pm: Up and Grouchy
Ben woke up a few times during his nap so that didn’t bode well for the rest of the afternoon. He woke up grouchy so we settled onto the couch to watch Winnie the Pooh. He is about half interested and doesn’t do a very good job listening to me when I ask him to stop 1. climbing onto the kitchen table, 2. messing with B’s work stuff, 3. climbing onto the back of the couch, 4. pulling stuff off the cork board. By dinner I’ve lost track of how many warnings and subsequent timeouts he has been on today. Usually just the threat of “going on time out if you don’t listen to mommy” is sufficient but he’s to far into being naughty to listen today. He keeps begging for apples, cereal, no-no, crackers, etc so I hope B is done with work early enough for me to get dinner on the grill.


Pooh is a good distraction

5:30 pm: Daddy is “home” and I make dinner
B is done with work and starts the grill so we can eat dinner in about an hour. He and Ben play in the living room while I wash, cut, and stack veggies in tin foil for dinner. We had smoked sausage, potatoes, onion, bok choy, kale, and asparagus. I love this meal because the only dishes I get dirty are a cutting board and one knife. Once the packets are sealed, B puts them on the grill using his new Father’s Day heat resistant glove and I wash what few dishes there are left. Ben has driven me to distraction today so I text a friend who has just gotten back into town after leading a youth group trip out west and we plan to go out after Benny bed time.


Playing Daddy’s game when he isn’t looking!

6:40 pm: Eat
Dinner is done cooking and smells amazing. Ben loves the smoked sausage (it is basically a hot dog, after all) but takes some convincing to eat the potatoes and green beans. He eats about half of the vegetables on his plate before tossing everything to the floor and telling us he is done. B is a quick eater so he washes Ben up and gets him out of his chair so I can finish my dinner in peace. It’s close enough to bedtime that he brushes Ben’s teeth and takes him to his room to get a diaper change.

7:00 pm: Bed time and Friend time
B reads to Ben and my friend shows up at the house. We wait for B to finish before leaving so I have a few minutes to put away the tornado of toys in the living room. We chat with B for a few minutes and take off. We go to Friday’s for a “drink” for me and a fancy looking strawberry mojito for my friend. We catch up and hit the grocery store kid-free before heading home. I didn’t have a ton on my list but pick up some lotion (I’m almost out), some supplies for packing, and some end-of-the-day discounted sesame bagels for breakfast.

10:30 pm: Sleep
We’re home, I send a big bag of CSA lettuce home with my friend, B and I shut down the house for the day, and go to bed. Good night!


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