25 weeks


New Baby is the size of a rutabaga and weighs close to 1.5 lbs at this point. He also seems to have a lot of feet and elbow because I sure am getting poked a ton!

I woke up on my back one morning this week and my left arm and leg were numb. I guess I have to make an effort to sleep on my side from now on (boo!). I was wondering when that point would arrive and now I am tempted to pull my body pillow out of retirement. I also switched out my wedding and engagement rings for a cheap, plain stainless steel band that’s the next size up. I have tiny hands and any fluctuations in weight make it difficult to get my rings off. I’d rather wear something else for a few months than ruin my rings by cutting them off my hand!


Dressed up for our LAST WEDDING OF THE SPRING on Saturday

I had an OB appointment earlier this afternoon. I’ve gained 12 lbs in the last month! I knew it would be a bunch but 12 surprised me. I have my glucose test in 3 weeks and will definitely make some drastic changes if it comes back positive but until then, I’m going to try my hardest to keep myself from taking seconds of everything! New Baby was wiggly and gave the new staff nurse a hard time when she was trying to find his heartbeat. Every time she got close, he’d kick the wand and wiggle away. He’s taking after his older brother already!

Every week I look back to what I wrote when I hit each weekly milestone with Ben and laugh a little. At 25 weeks last time, we had gotten his room painted and furnished. At 25 weeks this time, we have yet to move into a new house that needs a substantial amount of (cosmetic) work, Ben needs to be moved into a twin bed, we need to finish repairs and cleaning in our current house so it’s ready for renters, and I’m not at all concerned! I’ll pull out my stash of newborn diapers and clothes at some point and we’ll put the cosleeper together when I’m ready. I’m fully convinced (today) that it’s going to be juuuuuust fine.


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