24 weeks


Happy viability week, Baby 3! We would like you to stay where you are for at least 11 more weeks but Mommy and Daddy are relieved to make it to this milestone.

New Baby must have flipped over this past week because I’m suddenly getting kicked and pushed up and over from my belly button instead of only below. I hope that’s true because it means he’s planning on being born at some point and can get himself in position. My belly button is officially out now as well. Of all the things that could really bother me about pregnancy, the popped belly button is at the top. It’s also one of the most ridiculous things that could bother me so I’m trying to get over how weird it looks.

Our family has moved along but not moved on yet from losing our kitty last week. B and I took him to the vet as planned on Wednesday and one of the first things Ben asked for when we walked in the door at home was kitty. I think the other cats are adjusting ok but its strange to be double checking to make sure I haven’t locked Oldest Cat in Ben’s room (happened at least once a day), covering soaking pans in the sink, and cleaning up black fur and cat puke. I haven’t been able to bring myself to make popcorn yet since that was his favorite treat. I’m sure it will come but a week is not enough time.

The oldest of my younger sisters (not K) is experiencing some severe mental illness problems. She has been medicated but my parents (her legal guardians) agreed to let her move out and attempt a semester of college and she stopped taking the meds because no one was there to tell her to do it. She’s been academically expelled and had to move home and brought all sorts of stress along with her boxes of stuff. She cannot live with my parents and other sisters; it really isn’t a healthy daily relationship since she doesn’t get along with my mom. I want to help as much as necessary but can only be so involved; we have our own stress to deal with this summer! When you think about it, prayers for clarity and a good solution are very welcomed!


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