23 weeks



I hit 23 weeks weeks yesterday and the biggest landmark is Baby 3 hitting the 1 lb average weight. I can tell he is getting heavier because I feel a bit slower, heavier, and off-balance than I did a few weeks ago.

We’ve been doing a lot of house research and mental prep and organization to get ready for our move. I heard from the bank last Friday that our application has gone to underwriting and we could be closing in as soon as 3 weeks from now. That doesn’t seem like very much time! Ben is with my mom today so I attempted to get stuff done but got derailed by a really bad vet appointment for our oldest cat.

Oliver has lost weight over the last few months and hasn’t been eating well but I wasn’t expecting the worst news. The vet found a large cancerous mass in his belly and his blood work showed that his kidneys are failing and barely working at all. Needless to say, I was a mess and still burst into tears at random. I took him home for one more night of hanging out and snuggling at home before B and I both go back to the vet with him tomorrow morning. It kills me when I think of Ben calling his name when he wakes up and sees the cat sleeping in his room so I’m trying not to think right now.


Ben and his Owee Kitty


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