22 weeks

Today was the first day that I really felt pregnant. We camped in the heat all weekend and did a ton of walking. By the time we packed up and headed home, my feet were swollen and I didn’t want to move!

Baby is almost a whole pound and around 11 inches long! It’s hard to believe that our tiny baby pea is so big already!

After a ton of discussion, B and I decided that the house that we were planning to buy as an investment property would fit our family better in the long run than our current house so sometime before Baby 3 is born, we’ll be moving into a new/old house a few miles from where we currently live. Our house is on a corner and neither of us feel very comfortable about letting active kids run around in the tiny yard we have. The new house is on a dead-end street, has a mostly fenced backyard, backs up to a school playground, and is within walking distance (with no streets to cross) to the elementary school the boys will attend. Even saying that there are tons of updates to make is an understatement; we will be busy with house projects for a long time! Somehow, we’ve started to look at the move like a big adventure instead of just a headache. We’re still waiting on the bank for a closing date but both of us are at peace about this decision and are excited to being!


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