20 Months

This last month has flown by! I can’t believe it is already the middle of May!

One new thing from this past month is that Ben has spent the night without me or B with him. We’ve already had 3 weddings this month and it’s been a blessing that my parents are willing to take him overnight when we won’t be home until late. He has done really well and other than giving me a hug when I pick him up, he’s totally not phased by being away for up to 2 nights at a time. We really wanted to practice sleepovers before Baby 3 arrives so it isn’t strange to him that his parents are gone.

Our mother’s helper got married last Friday and we already miss her! Ben gets wiggly-excited when he sees her coming and I’ve gotten a ton of sewing finished for our first Civil War reenactment of the year. We’re undecided as of right now about whether we will try to find someone new but it was wonderful while it lasted.

The weather has been all over the place during the last 4 weeks, from cold to hot to dry to humid to pouring, usually all within the same week! We are trying to play outside, either in the yard or go for a walk, at least once every day. We just bought a bike trailer for Ben to ride in from a garage sale and took the maiden voyage last weekend. Ben really loved it; he even loved wearing his helmet!

B had two trips for work within the last month and we survived. The first was the longer of the two and we had a hard time adjusting. We had an extra mother’s helper day and when the going got tough, we invaded my parents house. Even if I am with him, Ben is so much better behaved at their house than ours!


Playing on his big boy mattress


Ben can now say “get down.” I wonder why?!


Yogurt faced Ben is very proud of his scooping skills


Checking out the Quacks and the Clucks at farm supply store


Eating p’corn with Mom and watching Pooh (again)


Taking himself for a walk with his baabaa


Celebrating May the Fourth with Daddy


Went for a post-dinner drive to check out cows and Ben spent the whole time with his nose in a book


Trying on the babysitter’s shoes


Daddy gave in to the constant requests to show the “baby” on the phone


Bike ride to the park to play on the wee and slide!


Cute face!


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