19+1 weeks


Baby is getting bigger and kicks are much stronger than they were even last week. I still love feeling them but might change my mind when I can’t sleep by the time August rolls around.

I had my anatomy scan this morning and as far as I could see, everything looks good. Baby 3 has all the appropriate limbs, heart chambers, an adorable little face, and little boy bits. That’s right! We’re having another boy!

I’m still in a bit of shock and am a little disappointed I don’t get to buy little girl clothes but thrilled to see him and know he is a he and hopefully B and I will agree on a name sometime before he arrives!

Ultrasound techs aren’t allowed to interpret the results of the scan so we’re waiting on the official word from the doctor or radiologist that everything really is ok. I know there weren’t any obvious things wrong like missing limbs, etc so all I can do is wait until I get a phone call or until my OB appointment next Tuesday.


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