22 weeks

Today was the first day that I really felt pregnant. We camped in the heat all weekend and did a ton of walking. By the time we packed up and headed home, my feet were swollen and I didn’t want to move!

Baby is almost a whole pound and around 11 inches long! It’s hard to believe that our tiny baby pea is so big already!

After a ton of discussion, B and I decided that the house that we were planning to buy as an investment property would fit our family better in the long run than our current house so sometime before Baby 3 is born, we’ll be moving into a new/old house a few miles from where we currently live. Our house is on a corner and neither of us feel very comfortable about letting active kids run around in the tiny yard we have. The new house is on a dead-end street, has a mostly fenced backyard, backs up to a school playground, and is within walking distance (with no streets to cross) to the elementary school the boys will attend. Even saying that there are tons of updates to make is an understatement; we will be busy with house projects for a long time! Somehow, we’ve started to look at the move like a big adventure instead of just a headache. We’re still waiting on the bank for a closing date but both of us are at peace about this decision and are excited to being!


20 Months

This last month has flown by! I can’t believe it is already the middle of May!

One new thing from this past month is that Ben has spent the night without me or B with him. We’ve already had 3 weddings this month and it’s been a blessing that my parents are willing to take him overnight when we won’t be home until late. He has done really well and other than giving me a hug when I pick him up, he’s totally not phased by being away for up to 2 nights at a time. We really wanted to practice sleepovers before Baby 3 arrives so it isn’t strange to him that his parents are gone.

Our mother’s helper got married last Friday and we already miss her! Ben gets wiggly-excited when he sees her coming and I’ve gotten a ton of sewing finished for our first Civil War reenactment of the year. We’re undecided as of right now about whether we will try to find someone new but it was wonderful while it lasted.

The weather has been all over the place during the last 4 weeks, from cold to hot to dry to humid to pouring, usually all within the same week! We are trying to play outside, either in the yard or go for a walk, at least once every day. We just bought a bike trailer for Ben to ride in from a garage sale and took the maiden voyage last weekend. Ben really loved it; he even loved wearing his helmet!

B had two trips for work within the last month and we survived. The first was the longer of the two and we had a hard time adjusting. We had an extra mother’s helper day and when the going got tough, we invaded my parents house. Even if I am with him, Ben is so much better behaved at their house than ours!


Playing on his big boy mattress


Ben can now say “get down.” I wonder why?!


Yogurt faced Ben is very proud of his scooping skills


Checking out the Quacks and the Clucks at farm supply store


Eating p’corn with Mom and watching Pooh (again)


Taking himself for a walk with his baabaa


Celebrating May the Fourth with Daddy


Went for a post-dinner drive to check out cows and Ben spent the whole time with his nose in a book


Trying on the babysitter’s shoes


Daddy gave in to the constant requests to show the “baby” on the phone


Bike ride to the park to play on the wee and slide!


Cute face!


21 weeks


Baby 3 is approximately 10.5 inches from head to toe and around 3/4 of a pound. It seems like he’s tripled in size over the past few weeks. I definitely feel like I have!

I think I’ve hit the easiest part of pregnancy. I’m feeling good, I have energy again, and am obviously pregnant but not so huge that I’m uncomfortable yet. I know those days are coming so I am going to enjoy the next 9 weeks or so to the best of my ability.

I started taking iron supplements a few weeks ago and had every stomach issue in the book. I’m not sure how the same pill can be both binding and loosening? I was complaining about it to a friend who has had problems with anaemia since I’ve known her and she recommended trying a food based iron pill like Blood Builder by Megafood. It’s more expensive than a typical iron pill but I definitely recommend it because all my stomach issues have disappeared! We’ll have to see if my iron levels are high enough at my 28 week appointment.

I’ve been sewing almost nonstop during naps and evenings to get ready for our first reenactment of the year. We has two weddings last weekend and enjoyed our evenings off from computer work (B) and handiwork (me). Not only did we celebrate friends getting married but we also made it to our sixth anniversary on Saturday! We still say that getting married to each other was one of the best choices we’ve ever made. I can’t imagine my life without B and his support!


20 weeks


20 weeks and halfway to baby day! Ben came earlier so I like the thought that I’m already over halfway.

Baby Boy is around 6.5 inches long and weighs approximately 10 oz. this was the first appointment where my fundal height was measured and I was exactly at 20.

My appetite is back and I’ve been able to drink the right amount of water for close to a month now. I’ve gained about 6 lbs since my appointment 4 weeks ago. I’d be lying if I said that doesn’t bother me a little. I’m all about gaining healthy weight while pregnant but I really don’t want to gain 40 lbs like I did with Ben. It was probably a lot of water retention but it got really hard to move around toward the end. The doctor did not comment on my weight gain this week so I’m guessing everything is fine.

My OB appointment was blessedly routine. The ultrasound results showed no abnormalities or things to be concerned about, for which we are very thankful! In my doctor’s words, “Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll see you again in four weeks. ”

I wasn’t very satisfied with the way the tech did my ultrasound last week so I scheduled an elective scan with a different office last Friday. Sure enough, as soon the tech touched the wand to my belly, we saw little boy bits. We are so very excited to have two boys so close in age!

This photo was taken on Sunday morning, just before 20 weeks.




It Never Really Goes Away

Today is Mother’s Day, as those of us in the infertility community are very much aware. Even having birthed one child, Mother’s Day is bittersweet. I am very aware of my babies that I never got to hold. I am very aware that I’d be only a few weeks from my due date with Baby Girl 2. I am very aware that many of my friends cannot celebrate Mother’s Day with their own moms because they’ve passed on.

Even more today than every other day, I am very aware of the community I am part of. Blessings for all of you, mothers to living children, children who are no longer here, and children who are promised and coming.


19+1 weeks


Baby is getting bigger and kicks are much stronger than they were even last week. I still love feeling them but might change my mind when I can’t sleep by the time August rolls around.

I had my anatomy scan this morning and as far as I could see, everything looks good. Baby 3 has all the appropriate limbs, heart chambers, an adorable little face, and little boy bits. That’s right! We’re having another boy!

I’m still in a bit of shock and am a little disappointed I don’t get to buy little girl clothes but thrilled to see him and know he is a he and hopefully B and I will agree on a name sometime before he arrives!

Ultrasound techs aren’t allowed to interpret the results of the scan so we’re waiting on the official word from the doctor or radiologist that everything really is ok. I know there weren’t any obvious things wrong like missing limbs, etc so all I can do is wait until I get a phone call or until my OB appointment next Tuesday.