18 weeks


Baby is around the size of a bell pepper by week 18 and that seems huge to me! I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around how pregnant I am and how much closer to the end we are.

Baby is still growing and is developing important nervous system stuff this week. We are only 8 days away from our anatomy scan (at last!). For some reason, I am much more worried about the scan than I was with Ben. Last time, I never considered the possibility that anything could be wrong. Since then, I have heard so many stories of how the tech found anomalies, evidence of disease, missing limbs, etc. we are praying hard that all parts are well and accounted for next week and that baby cooperates so I can finally stop saying he/she. I have theories but don’t want to say anything out loud yet.

If last week I was concerned about lack of movement, this week I don’t need to be. The small tickles are much more distinctive this week and very predictably happen when I’ve just eaten and am sitting down or am laying on bed. I love the reminders that he/she is there!

I am not experiencing any morning sickness anymore. Hooray! I eat decent sized meals again and for the most part, can tell when I need to eat a little something so I don’t start feeling gross. I’ve also been able to finally drink all of my required water in a day so I’m sure that is helping keep headaches at bay and making me pee all the time.

I had forgotten how many random aches and pains are present during second trimester. Round ligament pain, gas pains, digestive issues, and lower back pain have all pestered me within the last week. I’ve finally been able to relax some since I feel Baby 3 move so the pain doesn’t bother me as much as it did several weeks ago.


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