Mid-16 Week Update

I had an OB appointment this morning and was very, very anxious about it. Only one appointment that went as bad as it possibly could go is enough to cause ample anxiety for any subsequent pregnancies.

I had a very strong feeling this morning that the OB I was scheduled to see would be called out for a delivery during my appointment. Sure enough, when I checked in with the front desk they informed me the OB was at the hospital for an emergency c-section almost two hours prior but was expected back any minute. Not nearly as bad as I anticipated! I also heard one of the other doctors in the back room so if something were to go wrong, there was someone in the office to take care of problems.

The biggest concern I had was hearing the baby’s heartbeat. We’ve been praying for weeks for a very uneventful, very boring, and routine appointment with no surprises. My favorite nurse, who has been there for me for the last several appointments, even the worst one, came in to check the heartbeat with the doppler. Almost immediately after she put the wand on my belly, we heard the baby for a brief second before he/she scooted away. It took a bit more time but she was able to get a long enough reading to calculate the BPM (160!) and get a reactive kick from the baby!

Beyond that, the appointment was anti-climactic. I got a handout from the doctor of different stretches to help my back pain. We scheduled the anatomy scan for the morning of May 6, only three weeks from now! It’s going to be even harder to wait now that it is scheduled!


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