16 weeks


Baby 3 has reached the size of an avocado this week and we’re preparing for a large growth spurt between now and 20 weeks. He/she should almost double in size in the next 4 weeks.

I am still dealing with almost nonstop headaches. I don’t remember getting so many with Ben so I wonder what is different this time. It’s taking all of my ability to keep functioning and even attempt to keep up with housework. I have had more instances of round ligament pain too but I’ve heard that becomes more common after the first pregnancy. I am getting rounder and have definitely popped out!

I stopped taking my nausea meds and have been doing ok since. I’m not feeling 100% yet but it isn’t so bad that I need to take anything. It took a few days for my body to figure out how to fall asleep without Unisom’s help and I’ve been sleeping rather fitfully since but,from what I can remember from two years ago, that’s pretty common at this point.

I go back to the OB tomorrow morning. I am terrified that something will have gone wrong and I didn’t notice again. We’re praying for a very routine and boring checkup with no surprises of any kind. I’m hoping to schedule the anatomy scan while I am there. At the most, we’re only about a month away from finding out the sex of the baby!


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