14 weeks


Baby 3 is the size of a lemon and is doing all sorts of interesting things now. He/she can suck his/her thumb (developed the ability to grasp), can change his/her facial expressions, and, very importantly, has functioning kidneys and is making urine.

I stopped taking progesterone all together this past week after going every other for a few days. The only reaction I’ve wondered about was a massive migraine that lasted through many doses of Tylenol, applications of heat, and two large cups of caffeinated tea. It could have been caused by the progesterone but it also could have been the change in weather we’ve been experiencing.

I hesitantly say that I might be starting to feel better. Bloating causes much of the problem so if I have Gas-x tablets handy, I make it through the evening in much better shape. I also think I’ve started to feel the baby move. It’s usually when I laying on my back and everything is more compressed. It isn’t constant like with Ben but just an occasional tap-tap-tap around the lower side of my belly button.

My belly is very much popped out so I’ve started weeding through my closet to pack up things I won’t be wearing for a while as well as pulling 3/4 sleeve and sweaters out of my maternity clothes storage bin. I’m fairly certain I was wearing maternity clothes with Ben earlier because my office clothes were less forgiving than sweatpants and t shirts!


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