13 weeks


Baby 3 is the size of a peach and even has fingerprints at this point! Baby is growing away and weighs about an ounce. I thought I felt a few fluttery kicks this week but I can’t be sure. I keep waiting for something that really feels repetitive and bubbly at the same time. When I lay on my back, I can tell that my uterus is much larger and heavier. I can feel a weight pushing down lightly. It won’t be too long before I can’t even do that anymore!

Since I’m now in the second trimester, I should feel better soon, right? I’ve had some wicked headaches this week that have knocked me flat. B had plans for several evenings so I was on my own for dinner and bedtime in addition to daily stuff. I’m keeping food down more often than not, and that’s good.

I’ve decided to taper my progesterone intake this week. Starting today, I am going to take one pill every other day instead of daily and will hopefully feel confident enough to stop entirely at 14 weeks.

A friend of mine is 8 weeks further along in her first (second) pregnancy and we’ve spent a lot of time this week discussing baby registries. I shared the checklist I used when I made the registry for Ben and helped her make sure she didn’t miss anything important. They are not finding out the sex of their baby though so that makes picking gender-neutral everything much more important. Talking over registries this week has motivated me to start one on Amazon for this baby. We don’t expect any more showers and aren’t missing any essential gear so this is to fill in the holes where we are missing a few things (baby bath tub, a second pack n play, pacifiers, etc). We’ve tentatively decided that Ben will move to a twin bed instead of a toddler bed when the time comes so we don’t need to waste money on a second crib mattress. B has been talking about building furniture for a while so he might be making Ben’s bed!

My widowed grandma decided this week that she does want to move into a retirement home that she’s had her eye on. My mom went to visit and tour the available apartments there this week and grandma, who has a hard time making her own decisions, picked one out! It needs a bit of work before she can move in so that won’t happen for another 8 weeks or so. Why is this relevant to a pregnancy update post? B and I are more than likely going to buy her house as our first rental property! We are equally excited and concerned about the bigness of making this change while also expecting a child. Our goal will be to have renters moved in before September so, other than having more responsibility, more projects to complete over the summer, and more tax deductions next year, things should be settled by baby time. If you’d like to hear more about why we’re moving in this direction and more about the house, I’d love to give details in another post.




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