12 weeks


Like most pregnant women, I’ve been looking forward to week 12 for about 6 weeks. Those 6 weeks have been very busy and eventful and it’s been a struggle to keep up. My morning sickness is different this time than with Ben so I’m still praying it disappears soon. I felt better at the beginning of last week but worse toward the end so maybe I’ve reached the point where everything worsens before suddenly improving? Either way, I’ll be stopping progesterone by the end of the week and we’ll start telling our news to the general public.

Baby is lime sized, wiggly (see last week’s update), reacts to me pushing on him/her, has nerves, intestines, functioning kidneys and a whole lot of other important things. I’m anticipating “popping” more than I already have and hope to pull out maternity clothes soon. I can’t wait for more space for my bladder and stomach! I realized when i was digging through the bin of maternity clothes that last time I stayed in regular clothes as long as possible (with the exception of pants) because I don’t have too many items that are distinctly for when my belly is small. It doesn’t help that this spring has been much, much cooler than two years ago. I remember wearing a sundress to a bridal shower at 13 weeks last time. This time, I’ll be glad to not wear boots and a down coat!


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