11 weeks (Updated)


Huzzah! 11 weeks! I go back to the OB for another appointment on Wednesday but we’re assuming everything is ok because nothing has changed.

Baby 3 is the size of a green olive or fig or brussel sprout. None of the apps agree how big really. He/she is fully formed and wiggling and growing as fast as he/she can.

I think I’m starting to feel a wee bit better but I always think that while my meds are still working, never after they’ve worn off. I haven’t thrown up in days but I don’t know if that’s actual improvement or being able to manage better. I’m curious to see what my energy level will be now that I’m home again and don’t have to be on my feet all day. We are thrilled to be home and for things to get back to normal. For one thing, Ben is still sleeping as I write this at almost 8:10 AM and last week he had been awake by 6 almost every day. That boy loves his bed and we love him not being able to see us immediately when he wakes up!

I really don’t have much of an update today but maybe there’ll be something else to add after my appointment in a few days.

I had my 11 week appointment this morning. I wasn’t too nervous but started panicking a bit again when the nurse couldn’t find a heartbeat with the doppler! She had me strip down to no clothes, found the ultrasound machine, and called the doctor in. So, instead of the worry and stress free appointment I was expecting, I got ANOTHER cervical check (just fine), ANOTHER uterus check (bigger, right density, where it should be), and ANOTHER tv ultrasound. Before the OB even had time to turn the monitor around, I heard, “There’s the baby!” Insert sigh of relief!
Apparently, this baby is as much of a mover and a shaker as Ben was so he/she wouldn’t stay turned in the right position to get a doppler reading. Heart rate was 162, the baby measured at 11+3 (I’m 11+2), due date stays the same, and I get to stop taking Progesterone whenever I feel like it (or the end of week 12). The appointment wasn’t what I expected but the outcome was what I desired. Only 10 more days until the end of the first trimester!


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