10 weeks

I’m am praying my way through week 10 because this is when we discovered that everything went badly with Baby 2. I am going to be really busy this week so I’ll likely be too distracted to worry.

Baby 3 is about the size of a kumquat and apparently wiggling all over the place in there; I just can’t feel it yet! That is the part of pregnancy that I most look forward to and that memory gets me though the sickness of the first trimester. I loved feeling Ben wiggle, even when he kept me up at night with his poking. Baby 3’s vital organs are starting to function and his/her limbs can bend.

I did better than expected last week at Disney. Being able to rest during Ben’s nap made a huge difference and I only threw up a few times, not even close to every day like it had been before. I think the biggest difference is that I was able to eat whatever sounded best at whatever restaurant we happened to be eating at and I wasn’t limited to what I’d be able to make for myself. We ate a huge variety of foods and Ben and I split almost every meal.

This week our family met up with the campus ministry that B works with so he can help lead and I can help cook for 65 students and adults during the ministry’s spring break trip. Today was the first day and if this was any indication, I’ll be exhausted by the end of the week. Normally, the campus minister’s wife comes to help in the kitchen but she just started a new job and wasn’t able to take time off. Instead of three or four adult women staying at the church and preparing 3 meals a day, there is only one woman and a recently graduated, former ministry intern!

Ben and I are staying with my mom’s aunt and uncle about 25 minutes away. It’s easier to keep an eye on Ben in a house, plus the bonus of having time with family we have so much in common with and don’t see often (they live in Virginia during the warmer parts of the year) is irresistible. I’m trying not to push myself too hard this week and give myself grace when I need to rest. The head cook knows that I’m pregnant and, having had 4 kids herself, she doesn’t expect me to be as active as usual so she will make me sit down and drink water when needed. We will have Ben with us all the time this week and will hopefully have a student or two stay behind at the church each day to help with baby watching and anything else that needs to be done. To be honest, I love staying at the church and cooking all day much more than I ever used to like building wheelchair ramps and weeding gardens and I’m so glad our family can continue to serve God together in this way.


One thought on “10 weeks

  1. Was just thinking and praying for you and bub… I missed this post… I’m happy to read you’re doing well… Sounds strange, but I was glad for the morning sickness… Sounds like you have a nice balance of focusing on the family and keeping yourself busy… Isaiah 58.10 comes to mind… L xo

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