First Haircut

Ben got his first haircut this morning at the Magic Kingdom. We thought that if it has to be done, let’s do it with flair!

The Main Street Barber Shop is close to the entrance to the park, has three chairs, and specializes in first haircuts! They used Mickey Mouse stickers, light-up, whirly toys, and glitter to distract the kids.

The woman who cut Ben’s hair was very patient and very good at distraction. He didn’t cry at all but told me he was all done and wanted to get down about a dozen times. B and I took it harder than he did! Both of us are missing the giant mess of fluffy baby hair that sticks straight up in the morning.

In exchange for the soft, baby curls, we got a special set of Mickey Ears that say “first haircut” on the back, a certificate of bravery, a little fabric bag with a few of his curls for us to keep, and loads and loads of pictures!




Ben LOVES stickers




They’ll do whatever it takes to keep the kid happy. Ben loves to help comb his hair so the hairdresser gave him a few to keep his hands busy




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