9 weeks

Greetings from the most Magical Place on Earth! We arrived last night before dinner and have never been so happy to have a drive be over. Road tripping with a 17 month old is less than ideal. Thankfully, the iPad and Baby Einstein came through for us. We are excited to spend the next few days playing as a family and NOT watching a luck of tv!

Baby 3 is the size of a cherry and all his/her basic parts are formed. There are tiny eyes, a nose, a mouth, a four chambered heart, limbs, even itty bitty teeth! Baby is still making me sick but if I watch what I eat (no highly seasoned foods) and how much I eat (tiny portions), I do ok.

I’m still worried that something could go wrong and I wouldn’t notice since this is when Baby 2’s heart stopped beating. I’m trying to have hope that my next OB appointment will be routine and boring, complete with heartbeat tones on the Doppler.


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