8 weeks

At 8 weeks, Baby 3 is about the size of a grape. Hooray for Baby Grape! He/she is also working on eyelids, fingers and toes, breathing tubes, and getting rid of his/her tail. Baby Grape is also very good at making mom sick.

I’m in the first trimester holding pattern right now. Every day I’m sick as soon as my meds wear off but I figured out Saturday that part of the problem is excessive bloating so if I take a couple of gas-x tablets, I feel much better. My body is getting used to the constant exhaustion so getting up in the morning isn’t as hard. Ben still tires me out so I drop like a rock as soon as he goes down for a nap after lunch.

This week we’re dealing with too much snow and ice build up on our roof. Like much of the US, we’ve been bombarded with snowstorm after snowstorm this winter and it’s been too cold for the roof snow to melt off between them. We have several inches of ice that’s forcing water under shingles on the west side of the house. It isn’t leaking into the house yet, thankfully, so we’re (B) are trying to break up the ice as quickly as we can so it doesn’t get worse.


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