It’s Good!

I had the ultrasound appointment this morning and was out of my mind with worry by the time the doctor came in but oh-so-thankful we worked it out that B could come too. I had only seen this particular OB once (my office has 5 physicians who rotate throughout a pregnancy) way back in the middle of my pregnancy with Ben. Surprisingly, he remembered me and my distinctive red hair. He asked for the background story so I was able to tell an abridged version of my journey with infertility and loss (requiring Provera and Clomid, loss pre-Ben, loss & D&C in November, taking progesterone, last cycle dates, my struggles so far this trimester, etc).

He checked the location and tilt of my uterus (ouch! but good position and not tilted at all), the overall look of my cervix (ouch! but closed with no sign of bleeding), and performed the very much desired tv ultrasound. Guys, it is not at all surprising to say I cried when that little blueberry-sized baby popped up on the screen, complete with tiny flickering heartbeat!

There wasn’t any lingering sign or cause of bleeding so we’re blaming the random spotting on the Prometrium (progesterone) pills. It is a pretty common side effect and since the bleeding starts and stops only a few hours after I have taken the pill at night, it is very likely thats the cause. I’m scheduled to visit the OB again at 11 weeks, right after we come back from our family vacation/college student Spring Break missions trip. At that point, I’ll only be a week or two away from being able to stop taking progesterone!

Baby 3 measured 7 weeks 2 days instead of 7+3 like I know him/her to be but the OB agreed that, of all his patients, those who have taken Clomid or other fertility drugs have a better grasp of their cycle dates than a computer, so the official due date is based on my calculations of my last cycle in December. It’s officially September 29, 2014. My mom laughed when I told her since my younger brother’s due date was on my birthday for the majority of her pregnancy. He ended up arriving 3 days after my birthday so I have much experience with siblings who have close birthday celebrations.

We’re hoping to craft a fun announcement photo when we are at Disney World in a few weeks! We probably won’t share it on Facebook but instead email it directly to our extended family members (or allow our mothers to share the news that they are bursting over).

All I can say at this point is Praise God!


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