Spotting Again

Yesterday morning was the fourth and this morning was the fifth instance of spotting during this pregnancy. I have the ultrasound appointment Thursday morning so I have hope that answers are coming but we’re starting to get sad and lose hope every time I see blood.

On friend suggested the problem might be a subchorionic hematoma, which she dealt with through her first trimester with her only surviving baby. She said her bleeding stopped and started in bursts, sometimes with clotting. That sounds awfully similar to what I’m seeing and if that is the case, the ultrasound should show where the bleeding originates from and if it will interfere with the baby.

Pray for us over the next few days, folks. I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through the next few days.


4 thoughts on “Spotting Again

  1. A sub chorionic haematoma graduate here. A long time in bed for me (5 months “apartment” rest, some very strict, but a good outcome. Five major major haemorrhages, and a perfect 18 month old boy. You are higher risk if 1. Older mum 2. Family history of type II diabetes 3. IVF. I had all three. Huge bleeding with little or no pain. They can generally see SCH on ultrasounds, but can’t predict the outcome. Size is important, mine kept getting larger…up to 20 something ml, but resolved at 28 weeks. I was stuffed from 10 weeks. Rest up, and thoughts &prayers with you. Just look to the next small milestone, don’t look too far ahead. The next scan, the next week. One little bite at a time.

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