7 weeks


I am really struggling to adjust to first trimester woes this time. I had to start taking Unisom and B6 last Tuesday because I couldn’t get out of bed anymore without reaching for the trash can. Throwing up is an every day occurrence, if not more frequent. I am sick but it’s a different sick than with Ben. With him, I had horrible post-nasal drip that made me gag almost constantly. This time, it is a definite stomach nausea. Maybe that will mean it goes away sooner? The end of the second tri and beginning of the third were when I felt best with Ben so I hope I start feeling better earlier.

The Unisom makes me incredibly drowsy and lethargic in the morning and I have been so thankful that B has willingly (without me asking for the first time ever!) gotten up with Ben in the morning so I can eat a bit more sleep. I also blame the Olympics and my lack of self-control for my exhaustion. I don’t want to miss anything so I stay up far too late every night.

I made a 12 meal list before I was nauseous so I haven’t completely failed at feeding the boys. I did go to the grocery store last week and pick up frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, and hamburger helper, just in case. B is a decent cook but he isn’t great (he doesn’t have many chances to practice since I love cooking) but he is fully capable of making hamburger helper or throwing a pizza in the oven without burning it. The trick is getting me to eat anything without eating so much that I’m too full. We’re not entirely sure how well I will do when we go to Disney in a few weeks but are excited to go. I’ve done Disney while pregnant, although it was at 19 weeks instead of 8 weeks so it’s not completely unfamiliar territory. We have to go at a different, slower pace with Ben than when we were childless so I get a built-in nap time every day and early bed time as well. It will be an adventure!

I told my parents about Baby 3 this week and requested they keep this to themselves after the ultrasound later this Thursday. My mom loves to share news so I’m sure it’s killing her but they understand our hesitation. B hasn’t told his close guy friends yet and I’ve told my closest friends. My theory is that I want to be able to tell the people I know will pray for us before anything goes wrong because prayer will make the most difference.

We are still overwhelmingly thankful for this opportunity and this baby.

Edited to add:
I started spotting again this morning for the 4th time in 3 weeks. I am getting really tired of this!


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