Harder This Time

I didn’t realize how much Ben’s routine changed between Baby 2 and Baby 3. At 6 weeks with Baby 2, Ben was still napping twice a day so I was guaranteed a break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Now that he doesn’t nap until 1, I can barely make it past 10 without collapsing in a heap. I’m hoping this is something that will balance out soon. I gave up fighting it today and instead of taking a shower, Ben played in his crib with toys and books so I could lay down for a few minutes. I may not be clean but at least I didn’t have to keep my eyes open for 30 minutes!

Like I said in my post yesterday, I started spotting again first thing in the morning. I decided to call the OB and let them know that it was happening for the 3rd time in two weeks and remind them that if I don’t stay pregnant, this would be my third loss. The nurse called me back to schedule a scan for after 7 weeks so I get to go in next Thursday to hopefully see a healthy little bean. I kind of want B to come too so I don’t have to be alone but I don’t know what we’d do with Ben. One option is to tell my family the news so we could possibly drop him off with my mom. She works that afternoon but should have time to play if there isn’t anything else on her schedule.

It is still strange to me that my last pregnancy was textbook perfect without spotting or days upon days of cramps but that one still failed. This pregnancy has been physically and emotionally harder than either of the last two times but there is still a lot of hope. Fertility and pregnancy are such a crap shoot!


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