6 weeks

We have a pea sized baby again. I’ve made it to 6 weeks, solely sustained by prayer, I’m certain. We’ve slowly been telling people who will understand the anxiety (other couples who’ve had losses) and friends whose first response is to pray.

Strangely, we haven’t told our families yet and we’ve even seen my parents and siblings twice in the last week. It hasn’t felt like the right time yet so we waited. My mom was cleaning our their stash of children’s books and handed out bags to each of us adult children when we were at my Grandma’s for lunch yesterday. One of mine was Bernstein Bears “New Baby.” I was really tempted was to comment appropriate the timing but was able to keep my mouth shut.

I’m nauseous but it’s not horrible yet. The worst is first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon into the evening. It makes planning and making dinner difficult but we’ll survive on chicken nuggets if we have to.

I woke up to more spotting this morning. I’m praying that it isn’t anything we need to be concerned about but I always panic a little.


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