I am not Patient

So, I gave up on being patient this morning when I spotted again and called the doctor’s office. After lots of running around, the OB ordered quantitative hCG labs. Quantitative hCG labs need to be drawn 48 hours apart so I went this afternoon during Ben’s nap and I’ll go again just before lunch on Friday. Any later, the hospital won’t have time to process the lab work and get the results to the OB on time.

I had to find a lab that my insurance will pay for and of course they won’t play nice with the doctor’s office. Where I live, there are three major hospital systems and many labs, primary care doctors, and specialists belong to one hospital network or another. Since the lab isn’t part of the same hospital system as my OB, getting results to the office in time on Friday before the close will be a chore.

I am relieved that the OB did order the labs. This is the only thing that I know of that will tell us definitively what the heck is going on. Until the results come in, I’ll be praying and waiting as patiently as I can.


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